Pearl Jam & Chris Cornell Honor David Bowie


Pearl Jam members Mike McCready and Jeff Ament, along with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell have posted reactions to David Bowie’s death. Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell also wrote a poignant blog.

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell posted the following Facebook blog:

David Bowie is gone. You’ve heard by now; it’s true. We will never again hear him sing to us. A loved one has died. We were moved- changed by his ways. When we speak of musical talent, only the greatest musicians can effect us to where we can not help but cry when their music reaches the most tender, unguarded spot in our hearts.
I am angry, for our man was snatched from us tonight.

Honesty has everything to do with great music. When you listen to a singer, the vulnerability, the bravery it took to reveal their very special soul. It’s like being able to communicate with an alien, or a tiger. Tickle his chin. Pet him.

We were aloud to dance with him. He was so beautiful. You’ll not find another man with such beauty and calmness. I so enjoyed putting on his music and singing along, adding harmony to his sexy scarey world. It was a privilege to witness such cool. I placed him on a godlike level. His grace on the stage was spellbinding, effortless. Music cowritten with angels.. Along with John Lennon, the two most inspiring men of my lifetime. When I first started singing, I would rent out a small room with a PA, and a mic. I would put on Bowie recordings; the early ones- like Ziggy and try to sing along. It was so hard. I would try and reach his high notes- glad at that moment that no one could hear me screeching along to the music.

Can someone bring him back to life? Where is that prize winning scientist when you need him most? What could be more important? I’ll bet someone out there would pay a billion dollars to have him sing again. One more time. If I had the money- I would pay it gladly. We so painfully miss you David Bowie.