Pearl Jam Fans Unload After Bad News Revealed: ‘This Is The End’


Pearl Jam announced yesterday that they are discontinuing the annual Ten Club single after 27 years, and members of the Ten Club forum weren’t happy at all.

Abe Froman posted:

“Sad day in the PJ world. I’ve always loved the vinyl and the bands love for vinyl.”

FPhillips posted:

“I’m pretty disappointed with 10C, I hope they can explain a little more.”

HeyItsTim posted:

“I’ve still never received my Wishing Well single from.. last year? Two years ago? Regardless, it kind of sucks considering I’ve only been a member for a few years. I don’t even want to call myself an “Analog” member of all I’ll receive is a T-shirt. Hope you guys are considering a possible name and price change or just replace it with something of equal value. Guess I’ll just cance my auto-renewal until I hear more on it :/”

mookeywrench posted:

“Can’t seem to find any follow-up E-mail about a decrease in membership renewal prices….”

brianlux posted:

“This puzzles me as well. Why would they tell us there will be changes to how the membership works and not include that information? How could that have been over-looked? Poor communications.”

ankholetsgo posted:

“RIP Pearl Jam.”

rw160510 posted:

“I’ve wondered for a while why they didn’t think to bash out a few covers during sound checks when on tour. Record them live without any audience then release the best two. A bit like rem did with original tracks on new adventures in hifi. At least they would be full band performances. If they that once a year that would have kept me happy for a couple of years in light of the lack of new material.”

Daron Oshay posted:

“This sucks and not just because of the single. Very few have been earth shattering, although always welcome. So it’s kinda sad if anything

the real question is what does membership matter?

Your announcements are way to vague and there’s to many GA shows now.

That being said I’m not giving up my membership or number because I’m a hypocrite.”

goldrush posted:

“Well this is pretty shitty news to wake up to, but I guess it’s been coming. What are the chances of them putting in some real effort and making the last 2 singles actually worth the wait?

I don’t think it affects the band’s historical ‘viva la vinyl’ stance as their discontinuing the single altogether, not just the vinyl.

We really need more information about the analog membership though. Will there only be digital memberships from now on? A t-shirt and a physical copy of DEEP certainly isn’t worth $50 a year.”

wuzen posted:

“Holy shit this makes me sad. I’m 40 years old. I’ve been collecting these since over half my life. It sounds silly but it means something. Do I listen to them all the time? No. All they all great? No. But this was our shared experience with the band. It’s not a matter of money or logistics. If it’s costing too much they can raise the price like they did a few years ago. It’s a matter of desire. The desire is not there and that’s what makes it so sad. I see it as a giving up of sorts and that is disheartening. As others mentioned, I also don’t think it’s about new material. There are countless pieces of audio that can be pressed onto these vinyls. Live performances, sound checks, outtakes, instrumentals, etc. I cannot fathom that they do not have the capacity to choose two tracks per year and have someone press them. They have innumerable ways to create artwork. From band members, friends, even fans can do it. It’s a lack of desire. This is the saddest part. My heart has fractured a bit today.”

skanji32 posted:

“First time posting in the forums in years. Came back to share my feelings on this decision.

Really disappointed in the band for this from a variety of perspectives.

Not so much for the decision, but lack of explanation as to why this decision was made. Through the years there has been zero accountability for the lack of production timelines on these xmas singles.

In addition as fans, we are paying the exact same amount annually, without explanation as to what (if anything) will be replacing it.

Top it all off, on then sharing this news between Christmas and New Years, and it’s a significant hiccup from what we’ve come to expect from the band.

I wish 10c would understand how the lack of communication translates directly to their organization that they are leading. The way you communicate (or choose not to), will be judged by stakeholders and reflects back not only on you, but the entire organization you lead.

Not leaving, and likely never will, but really, really disappointed in this decision, and the lack of communication and detail around it, especially over the holidays. ”

jheal posted:

“The cold hard reality is that the band probably spend very little time together collectively anymore, outside of the few weeks they tour together, to record ANY new material let alone tracks for a fan club single. And the output has been diminishing over time. It’s auto-pilot revenue generation mode at the moment. I’m not sure how old all the band’s kids are – I hope in a few years when they have a bit more time on their hands and the kids are out the house they get back to spending more time on the band, songwriting and stuff like that. In a way, we’re lucky they haven’t broken up and just taken their foot off the gas. I’d echo the same concerns over what an Analog membership means now – I’d accept a physical CD bootleg of my choice each year as a replacement for a vinyl single!”

Wma31394 posted:

“Jim Morrison said it best..’This is the end’…”

5 posted:

“This is a very sad day. I am so disappointed just another death blow to what was once the best fan club ever it sadly is no longer run with heart and soul it just flatlined and only 5 guys who really care could ever bring it back from the dead now.”

Rider posted:

“Boo, Bad decision. Pearl Jam has been slowly but surely becoming a lame money grab nostalgia act situation by increments. It is what it is….”

Red Lukin posted:

“Pretty sure they tour less and make less music these days because hundreds or thousands of their fans buy all other crap they make so they have enough money so they never really need to tour or make music until they feel like it.

Unlike other bands where they have to tour 50+ shows a year and sell cool sets with their new album just in order to live slightly above average income levels.”