Pearl Jam Icon Drops Terrifying Rock Hall of Fame Bombshell


Pearl Jam lead guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Mike McCready recently did an Explore Big Sky interview. During the interview, he discusses what being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame meant to him and Pearl Jam as well as what was so terrifying about the induction process. Alternative Nation transcribed McCready’s comments

Host: I’ve been dying to ask somebody that’s in the rock and roll Hall of Fame this question and that is: for every kid that’s ever daydreamed about being in any Hall of Fame, what is it like to be casually referred to as: “Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Mike McCready”

McCready: Well, you know, I forget it’s part of our legacy until you bring it up but I still totally love it. I look at it as a huge honor and when we were going out to do that and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I thought: “we can do this, it’s just another show”, but then I got there and got super nervous because it was on TV and the legacy of it all, the hype. Whatever my perception of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was growing up, seeing the [Rolling] Stones in there and never knowing or believing that our band would ever be in there. 

Host: Yeah.

McCready: It was amazing. Amazing and terrifying at the same time and I think what it did was change some sort of perception about our band. In terms of when I talk to people. I don’t know what that is, I don’t know how to quantify that other then it solidified something in our history. I’m very proud of it, you know 

Host: Yeah, Pearl Jam is my generation.