Pearl Jam Legend ‘Snubbed’ From Toy Release


Pearl Jam have released Funko toys depicting the band in the early 90’s. What’s interesting is Matt Cameron is the drummer, despite not joining Pearl Jam until the late 90’s. Dave Krusen drummed on Ten, while Dave Abbruzzese did the Ten tour and recorded Vs. and Vitalogy.

A fan commented on Facebook, “No Abbruzzese, not interesting.” Dave responded with a laughing emoji, saying, “Thanks!”

He later wrote, “First no RRHOF and now no Funko? Damn.” He then posted crying laughing emojis.

Richard Harwell commented, “With all you’ve done, if you had a funko, I would have considered it the ultimate success.”

Dave responded, “Well. I did bust your foot. 😂🤣 I still feel bad about that. Big love to you, Richard!”

A fan named Amanda wrote, “Today, I learned what a Funko is, and I’m sad I now I don’t get to have one of you.”

Dave shot back, “Right? It’s disappointing. 😂🤣”

Patrick wrote, “I guess they’d have contacted you, but a pack of funko pops with 90’s Pearl Jam members including Matt Cameron pisses me off. I’ll get the pseutopia pack instead.” Peter added, “Opted not to buy when I saw the best and arguably the most important Pearl Jam drummer, did not come with the set. David Abbruzzese or nothing!!!”