Pearl Jam Member Reveals Sad Update On Band’s Future


In a new Rolling Stone article, Mike McCready confirmed that Pearl Jam have not worked on their new album since last year, and that they do not have a timeline right now to get back to work on it, or anything on the table in regard to live shows.

As for Pearl Jam, McCready says he hopes to work on something new with them soon. “We haven’t done anything since we were on the road last year,” he says. “I’m not sure what we’re doing. I’d love to do something, but I don’t have anything right now on the table. We just had a big touring year last year, and two giant shows in Seattle for a homeless benefit. And those were amazing and exhausting and exhilarating. When we all get back together, I’m sure we’ll be creating again. But I don’t have any timeline on that right now.”

Eddie Vedder said at Pearl Jam’s last 2018 show in Fenway Park in Boston in September that the next time Pearl Jam played together, it would be in the studio.

“It’d be fun to record or even just write a song together,” bassist Jeff Ament told Rolling Stone in a January interview. “I think when Chris [Cornell] passed, that’s really been a tough one to wrap our heads around, and then there’s just life stuff.”