Pearl Jam ‘Owed Money’ To Famous Seattle Singer


Pearl Jam members Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were hard up for money after the death of Andrew Wood and dissolution of Mother Love Bone in 1990. Heart singer Nancy Wilson told Meltdown in a new interview that she lent Gossard and Ament money to help them survive before Pearl Jam was formed.

The interviewer said “For the people who don’t know, you were also responsible for Pearl Jam, didn’t you? You helped them a lot on their beginning too, you gave them a few bucks or something, right?

Wilson responded, “Yeah, we lent them some money. They lost their lead singer to overdose, the original singer, Andrew Wood from the Mother Love Bone band. And before they found Eddie [Vedder], they lost their record contract, and the tour they were gonna do. They said, ‘Could we just hitch up for a couple of months? Have some money to live on?’

And we said, ‘Sure thing. We can set you up, and just call it ‘I owe you one.” And then, of course, they did really great things as a band. And they paid me back.”

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