Pearl Jam To Play Club Shows In September?


Pearl Jam fans on the Ten Club believe that the Apollo Theater gig in New York may finally happen with the Sea Hear Now festival.

JR posted, “Broadway full capacity. Apollo must be happening, next to Sea Hear Now. Makes perfect sense to me!”

On2Legs responded, “I feel the odds of the two outdoor scheduled shows happening are 60/40 in favor. I feel like the odds of them adding indoor shows this fall or winter are like 90/10 against. But I hope I’m wrong on the second prediction.”

JR shot back, “By fall we will be pretty much 100% open especially outdoors. Yes, the arena shows, are iffy but if Broadway is open, Apollo should be a go as theaters are pretty much same size..”

Jisola said, “Tour page says this…Festival rescheduled for 9/18-19/2021. PJ performance date TBD. Really hoping it’s Sunday, since DMB SPAC got rescheduled to this weekend and I will be going to that as it’s my favorite weekend of the year, would be the perfect weekend to do DMB SPAC Friday and Saturday and PJ Sunday. 2019 DMB headlined Sea Hear Now and they played Sunday night, so that gives me hope PJ will be Sunday as well.”

RHCPjam wrote, “even if the state allows the festival to go on, do we think the band is still going to play? i’m hesitant after hearing mike and ed on the Faithfull Forum a few weeks ago talking about how even if it’s safe, they’re going to wait before it’s really really safe. will be interesting to see how it pans out.”