Pearl Jam Reveal If They Want To Make More Albums


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard discussed Pearl Jam’s future in a new Seattle Times interview.

“I’d like to make more records,” Gossard told the Seattle Times. “Symbolically, this feels like more of an ending than a beginning. You want to stay sharp. You don’t want to get any awards midseason. You want to make more records.”

Cameron Crowe said Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were “huge music fans and friends,” going back to their days working at a coffee house in Seattle.

“You can easily draw a line from those days to the stage of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” Crowe said. “Their passion for the music they loved drew them to Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder, two more world-class fans of the music.”

Mike McCready’s father Roy told a hilarious story about taking a young Mike to a Scorpions concert, and at one point losing him.

“Turns out he was hiding under their (The Scorpions’) car, wanting to get an autograph,” Roy McCready said. “And he did!”

He said McCready’s passion for music, even at a young age, was undeniable.

“When you find out your child has a passion, you better get out of the way,” Roy McCready said. “Light the fuse and watch that thing take off.”