Pearl Jam Reveal Who They Want ‘Thrown Out’ Over Gun Violence


Pearl Jam have tweeted in response to the tragic Florida high school shooting, “We’re done with ‘leaders’ who refuse to lead on commonsense gun safety laws. It’s time to #ThrowThemOut. Join us:”

“We deserve to live in a country where children live free from gun violence in their schools, in their homes, and in their communities. #EndGunViolence.

For more information on the movement to end gun violence, visit”

The website they linked to said, “We’ve had enough. Thoughts and prayers are not enough to honor the victims of gun violence. What we need now is ACTION. Lawmakers have had enough time to come around to common sense, and we’re done waiting. We must now elect leaders who will finally act to save lives from gun violence. It’s time to throw them out. Take action.”

It also says, “Every day, 96 Americans are killed by gun violence. That’s why Everytown for Gun Safety researches a range of vital issues surrounding gun violence, develops data-driven solutions, and works with lawmakers and people like you to pass common-sense laws and policies that save lives.

Support for the Second Amendment goes hand-in-hand with keeping guns away from criminals and other dangerous people. But it’s simply too easy for the wrong people to get guns, leading to all kinds of violence—from deadly domestic abuse to suicide and school shootings.

Research shows—and cops will tell you—that common-sense public safety laws reduce gun violence and save lives. We can put a stop to the more than 35,000 gun deaths that happen every year. And we can do it in a way that still respects the Second Amendment.”

  • Mike

    WTF I hate the 2nd amendment now

  • Stifler’s Mom

    thank you Pearl Jam for using your platform to speak truth. Fuck the NRA, #endgunviolence

  • Dave Id

    The NRA is an anti-American terrorist organization. They have been responsible for innocent Americans deaths for decades. Vote their Republican backers out.

    • N.

      yes, because the NRA put the gun in that psychos hand and told him to pull the trigger. Liberals are the most anti American of them all. if this kid really wanted to end peoples lives in that school he would have, ending the 2nd amendment is the absolute worst idea anyone could ever come up with.

      • Dave Id

        Yes in a way the NRA did put the weapon in his hand. The NRA has always campaigned against any and all restrictive gun regulations meant to protect people. The Bill of Rights was written 228 years ago and I feel the 2nd amendment needs to be at least updated to be relevant to today’s standards of the weapons being used in these mass shootings. They’re not using muzzle loaded waepoes anymore

        • N.

          Drunk Driving kills nearly 14,000 americans every year. Are we supposed to ban Alcohol? Should we take away licences permanently after a persons first DWI? In your view the Bureau of Transportation should be held responsible for these deaths because they are in fact letting people get their licences and drive.
          The problem here isn’t guns, or alcohol, or driving. It’s respect. A respect for Life which this asshole clearly didn’t have. he was never taught it nor did anyone ever see it. But again, there are so many issues in this country this is just on the forefront when it happens. In two weeks this will be an afterthought. How many people are killed by drunk driving or murders in Chicago that go unnoticed. Women killed their unborn child on a daily basis, but that doesnt seem to bother the mainstream media. you can’t take away a persons right to own a gun, if you still give a women the right to kill her own baby.

          • Dave Id

            What is the basic purpose of a firearm? It is made to kill something, yes hunting and of coarse self defense. Take away the majority guns and a lot of unnecessary violence will stop. There are still murders in the U.K. and Australia, however the murder rates is both of these countries per ca pita is far less than here. I believe the issue here was gun violence, you are deflecting. You have learned well watching Faux News, sir.

          • Corndog

            I’m personally of the opinion that under no circumstances should private citizens be allowed to own and keep firearms in their homes. I think they should be in the hands of the police and military only. Perhaps private citizens could keep a gun in a registered gun club for target practice If they must, but they shouldn’t be allowed to remove them from the premises. Just my opinion.

          • Dave Id

            I agree with you completely.

          • N.

            so please go move to the UK or Australia then. You have completely ignored the my rebuttal, which is what i expect from most liberals. You ok the use of drugs, alcohol, and abortions, but the second a gun goes off you freak out. it’s the Left that’s ruining America not guns. Plain and simple

          • Dave Id

            Why are you gun fanatics so paranoid? Why do you feel so strongly to need a gun? I only care when a gun goes off when someone is killed or injured it. You repulsive conservatives are ruining this country by spreading fear using your guns. People are dying because it seems any moron who gets off hearing a gun go off has access to one. They can buy guns at gun shows or private purchase without any background check.

          • N.

            ha. truth be told i don’t even own a gun. People are dying due to Cocaine, Heroin, Drunk Driving, Abortions, Opiods, and suicide. So why do guns offend you so much when those other things i listed kill so many more americans?

  • N.

    what the fuck are you talking about? Typical liberal comments, everyone wants to blame everyone else except for the person actually responsible. maybe if we actually punished the offenders more harshly they wouldn’t be so quick to shoot up public places knowing that they can plead insanity or mental defect.

  • ppslytherin1994

    The four eras of Pearl Jam are:

    Golden Age Pearl Jam (Ten and Vs.)
    Bronze Age Pearl Jam (Vitalogy, No Code, Yield)
    Silver Age Pearl Jam (Binaural, Riot Act, Pearl Jam)
    Dark Age Pearl Jam (Backspacer, Lighting Bolt)

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  • Rizz

    Gun reform is a slippery slope. This country is armed to the teeth and that is not always a bad thing to remember. I think you have to really debate the issues, and I am for scenarios that keep people safe from guns. That said, please don’t discount the fact that pharma drugs always show up in the investigation and this is a contributor.