Perry Farrell Reveals Major Lollapalooza 2021 Update


Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell has uploaded a new video of himself after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

He wrote on Twitter, “My heart smiled a little more this morning. We’re growing closer.” He called the vaccine his ‘license to party’ and said he’d see fans at Lollapalooza.

A fan named Adam commented, “There you go Perry! I was in line to get mine this week in Milan when Italy temporarily suspended AstraZeneca. Looks like they plan to get it going again. My biggest day dream is to cross America this summer listening and playing live music again. Hope to see you on the road.”

Farrell wrote in another post where he picked up a dresser, “It reminded me of the old days when I would rummage through the garbage with my mom for found objects to make art. My son mentioned to me that he wanted to pick up a dresser from a second hand furniture store. I saw this discarded beauty on my bike ride. There is a mirror inside.”

A fan named Jen commented, “Found treasures are the best! If you know what you’re doing, you end with some nice pieces. I’m legendary for pulling over at a moment’s notice, if I see something I like!”