Pharmacologist Claims Chris Cornell’s Widow Has ‘False’ View Of Prescription Drug


Pharmacologist Dr. Anthony Rosati RPh discussed the prescription drugs found in Chris Cornell’s system after he died in a new Journal of Musical Things article. Note that Dr. Drew Pinsky has claimed in multiple interviews that he does not believe Chris Cornell should ever have been on Ativan in the first place, and he blamed the pharmaceutical industry in part for Cornell and other addicts’ deaths.

“In my professional opinion, I do not think that the medications had anything to do with his death, agreeing with the coroner.

As for the individual drugs, in your article you stated that butalbital and a barbiturate were in his system; however, butalbital is a barbiturate itself. Butalbital is often combined with Tylenol and caffeine in medications to treat migraines. The fact there was caffeine found at higher levels could substantiate this.

The pseudoephedrine, well, could’ve been taken because he had a sinus headache, or, just congested. Also, you stated that naloxone was taken, but was it given by emergency personnel? Because, if not, he very well could have been taking the medication as maintenance treatment for aiding in his recovery from addiction. However, if it was administered via injection, then the responders reacted to suspected overdose.

Finally, the controversy over Ativan….yes, it is used as an anti-anxiety medication and helps those in recovery. I know his wife, Vicky, came out and blamed the medication for suicidal thoughts; this is entirely false. The medication is classified as a benzodiazepine, and, yes, there is a chance (albeit very small) of depression but not the side effects of other mood stabilizing agents, such as Prozac and Zoloft.”