Police ‘Triple Checked’ Chris Cornell Investigation For Foul Play


Detroit News reporter George Hunter recently wrote on Twitter that police ‘triple checked’ the Chris Cornell death investigation for foul play, and found absolutely nothing, and that multiple police sources completely stand by the suicide by hanging cause of death.

“Actually, fingernail swabbing is a perfectly acceptable method of DNA collection. There are pros and cons to clippings vs swabs, to imply this is the ‘wrong’ way to collect DNA is…well, wrong.

At any rate, I don’t mean to be rude if I’m not answering people’s tweets; been very busy and I’ve reported everything I know about the case. That’s the way it’s extracted. Just because the picture they took doesn’t show it, that doesn’t mean they didn’t do it. Cops say they [checked] this investigation and found no foul play. They insist everything points to suicide.

I see assumptions being made based on not knowing how things are done. For instance, saying DNA is NOT extracted by swabbing, when in fact it’s a common method. I don’t know. I triple checked with homicide detectives, who say THEY triple checked and are satisfied this was a suicide.

So unless they re-open the investigation, I’ve got to move on to the other dozens of tragedies that happen in this city. Will monitor it.”