Premiere: Nature G’s “Stereotyping” Video Combines Metallica Heaviness With Electronic Bliss


Mongolian folk metal Tengger Cavalry mastermind Nature G.‘s brand new solo album “Stereotyping” marches into electronic hard rock and industrial rock’s domain. The album talks about social stereotypes Asian born people living in Western society face. This is a wide departure from Nature’s very popular metal group Tengger Calvalry.

The track’s riff has a Metallica level of heaviness to it, with Led Zeppelin style eastern influences. Nature G’s vocals are metal at first, but later in the song is a blissful electronic themed section vocally. In the track, Nature G refuses to be stereotyped, with bold and brave lyrics.

In 2010 Nature created the Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry, which has been featured on Billboard, CNN, Vice, MTV, and Chicago Reader.

In 2014 his solo album won a bronze medal from Global Music Awards and a nomination from Hollywood Music in Media Awards. In 2015 Nature was nominated for Best Original Score by Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.