Puddle of Mudd Frontman To Sing Alice In Chains?


Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scanlin said he wants to cover Alice In Chains in a new Sofa King Cool interview.

I know you do cover songs sometimes when you play live. Would you ever do an Alice in Chains song?

“In my life, of course. That’s a good idea, you’re coming up with a lot of good ideas. I did a lot of different Alice in Chains songs in my career and they’re amazing.

“They taught me, I learned how to sing listening to ‘Sap,’ ‘Dirt,’ ‘Jar of Flies,’ every record that they ever did. Jerry [Cantrell] and the boys are still writing some pretty darn good music.”

They still put on one hell of a show too, that’s for sure.

“It’s definitely thick. God bless Chris Cornell, and Chester too. Shoot, man, I was with my friend a couple of days ago, and I was like, ‘Oh, we’re listening to people that have died.’ It just makes me feel weird.”

When you go through that, does that make you realize your own mortality?

“Well, somebody told me that I could out party everybody, so basically, I already have. I’m like a little cockroach, I’m a very hard person to kill.

“So I’ll keep doing that, keep writing music, and get a little booty from time to time.”

There you go, the last man standing.

“Yeah, I guess – I ain’t gonna die anytime soon. I have a blessed life, you do too. I’m gonna just treat everybody with kindness and just stay on a nice path, don’t get too sideways.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.