Queen Member Surprisingly Wanted To Date Freddie Mercury


Queen frontman Adam Lambert revealed in a new Sun interview that he would have liked to have dated Freddie Mercury.

He even cameoed as one of Freddie Mercury’s secret flings in Bohemian Rhapsody last year, and he feels they could have been a formidable rock couple in real life.

On whether he would have caught Freddie’s eye had fate allowed, Adam – who filled the late star’s boots as frontman of Queen – said: “Apparently he did like them a little beefier! That much I know.

“So potentially. I think if I was alive to see Freddie Mercury on stage, he was so brilliant that I probably would have fallen in love with him, yeah.”

He also said, “The film is a specific interpretation of this man’s life and I think a lot of people really felt inspired by going to see it.

“People walk out of the film loving him and I think that’s the most important thing.”

Brian May recently wrote on Instagram, “Inflorescence du Jour ! How luscious are the buds of a Rhododendron just before they burst into bloom ? This is a new planting – all healthy and dark and purple and plump. Very Bohemian Rhapsody ! Can’t wait to see what these flowers look like when they open – I think we’re in for a surprise !

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