Queens of the Stone Age Icon Admits To Using Heroin


Drugs have played a huge part in rock music and all forms of music for centuries. In fact, before music could be recorded drugs were used in traditional ceremonies that featured early versions of drums and vocalizing.

Some artists are big fans of drugs and the impact that they seemingly have on their creativity while others aren’t involved in that scene as heavily. To each their own as they say as long as they don’t get caught.

David Catching, formerly of Queens Of The Stone Age, was one of the first to weigh in on the topic during a recent article as he said: “Drugs are not for everyone, but I would say drugs enhanced the creative output in a positive way for many of my favorite musicians/artists, and myself. I would think psychedelics, alcohol, and narcotics (and although not a drug, marijuana) have opened the minds/souls of many artists when under the influence.

Some of these same artist’s personal/professional lives were ruined by abuse of these drugs as well. I’m always questioning if drugs created the music/art or would that have happened anyway.

I have created and performed on all drugs, with varying degrees of success… I would say stay away from heroin and speed. Psychedelics sometimes open your mind to other possibilities you weren’t aware existed.”

While QOTSA’s Troy Van Leeuwen felt very differently: “Personally, I find drugs don’t add to creativity. You may have an experience while taking certain drugs that remove inhibitions or you may have a deep self-realization but it’s up to you to bring that vision to light. Plus, there’s always a price to pay. An old friend of mine, songwriter/poet Mark Lane, once said ‘We are always hoping to find the fine line between a good time and a lifetime.’ Like anything in life… what goes up, makes you feel like shit the next day. I don’t recommend Crystal Meth. Mind-altering drugs are ok, as long as they don’t actually eat your brain.”