Watch Queens of the Stone Age Unload On Security: ‘You Work For Me!’


On Saturday night at Madrid’s Mad Cool festival, Queens Of The Stone Age briefly stopped their set to protest against a fenced off VIP area at the foot of the stage.

Frontman Josh Homme demanded that security let everyone into the exclusive pit, stating “Security, you’d better let those people in, I’m not playing until you let them in, you’d better let them in because you work for me tonight.”

Security eventually let the general public in whilst Homme chanted “That’s right, come on in. It’s a Queens Of The Stone Age concert and you can do whatever you want to do. Let them in or I will walk down there and let them all in.”

As the set went on, Homme continued to arc up at security, saying “Security go, easy on these kids here. I’ll kick all the security out and the whole place will run wild. Be nice or be gone.”

At Rock Werchter, Josh Homme invited a fan dressed as Spiderman onstage. You can watch video of that below as well.