Radiohead Talk OK Computer’s Success Being ‘Stressful,’ Why They Were ‘Self-Involved’


Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood was recently interviewed on BBC 6, and he discussed Radiohead not enjoying the success of 1997’s OK Computer. Alternative Nation transcribed the quote.

“I remember the venues getting bigger, and us not getting used to it quickly enough, and it all being quite stressful. All of the sudden we were playing Birmingham and AC and stuff, and wanting just to be in theaters still, [that is] with us still now. So yeah, I don’t remember that being such a great time. I remember clearly being in Aberdeen when The Bends came out, and going and getting a copy of NME and reading a good review of it, and feeling really excited. I remember that being a really happy day, and thinking: ‘Wow, looking where I am, so far away from home and playing a concert tonight.’ That was really exciting, so that was a good memory.”

Greenwood also discussed Radiohead being ‘self-involved’ in their early days.

“We never really played concerts on a Friday, maybe once or twice a year. It was all about practicing and rehearsing, it was all very self-involved. In an unhealthy way we used to just practice and play to each other, then everyone would disappear for college, then come back and we’d do it again, there was no goal really. So we didn’t play concerts until just before we signed.”