Rage Against The Machine Confirm ‘Canceled’ Reunion


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk discussed the band’s canceled first reunion shows in the United States/Mexico border cities, which will now take place at a later time and will no longer be their first shows back, due to the worldwide virus crisis.

Wilk wrote on social media, “Today was supposed to be our first show in 9 years. Everyone stay safe. Hope to see you all soon. #pentup.”

Poli644 recently said on the RATM Reddit that the band’s fans should form their own political party, “It’s time for change. There are no more opportunities left for us in the system. Bernie Sanders was our last chance at real change from within. So we have two options left. Will we sit down and let the system beat whatever Democracy we have left out of us, or will we stand up with our fists raised?

I propose we start our own political party. This won’t be like the Democratic or Republican party. This will effectively act as the interests of the public as a whole, and will fight for everybody. We will take on the corporate-funded government and we will represent the Voice of the Voiceless, if you will. With nobody standing up for us in this time of worldwide uncertainty, I feel it is our responsibility to at least try to make a change.

The party I propose is so far nothing more than an empty subreddit, r/ThePartyOfThePeople, but I felt like this was the best place to start a political party. I know all of you have been craving a chance to show that we will not just stand by as the see more and more of our rights and equality disappear.

At this moment in time, I only ask one thing of you all. Take a look at the subreddit and join up. It may be small now, but I know we can grow this party into what we all desire. Whatever path we take forward is up to all of you now, so I leave you with this. Will history remember this generation of people as mere spectators within our own government, or will they remember us as the people who stood up and fought for true freedom?”