Rage Against The Machine Make New Album ‘Promise’


Tom Morello made a ‘promise’ about a potential new Rage Against The Machine reunion album in a new Yahoo interview.

“I promise you, if there is ever any Rage Against the Machine recording news, our representatives will reach out to you! [Laughs] I will refer you to my publicist.

I do look forward to a time when there are live shows again. I don’t know when that’s going to be, but I look forward to it. It’s so crazy that that’s not a thing in our lives anymore.”

Morello said about postponing the RATM tour in an election year due to the pandemic,

“Well, there was no choice in the matter. We are in very dangerous times, and there’s this kind of creeping crypto-fascism and impending environmental disaster. It really is all hands on deck, except all hands can’t be on deck because there’s a global pandemic – which is made worse by horrific decision making and whatnot. So it’s a conundrum…

I mean, it’s obviously one of the most dangerous times in human history – when literally the planet is in danger and it’s not taken with the kind of seriousness that Mother Earth deserves.

We have this authoritarian crypto-fascist regime that has this kind of hypnotic sway over part of the population and may not let go of power, whether or not they win or lose the election. We’re really at a critical historical juncture. And the fact that it’s happening during this [pandemic] is like a deck of cards thrown up in the air. But, as with any crossroads of history, the difference makers are people who are reading this article.

Whatever change has happened [in the past] – progressive, radical or even revolutionary change for the better – has been caused by people no different from anyone reading this article, who just stood up for a more just and decent planet. That’s how the world changes. There have been challenges before, and we are at a very challenging moment. So it’s time to stand up.”

Morello also paid tribute to St. Louis baseball legend Lou Brock in a new social media post, “Rest In Peace, #LouBrock. His speed on the base paths and grace on and off the field inspired me as a kid. The @cubs never shoulda let you go, champ. As you round third and head for home we salute you.” Tom Morello discussed his supergroup with a Tool member last week.