Rage Against The Machine Planning Very Special Tour?


Rage Against The Machine may be making for a very strong comeback after so much time and so many years off from spreading the message of their music along with rocking stages far and wide with their unique brand of sound.

The news comes in as Rage Against The Machine and Run The Jewels have been added to the line-up for next year’s Rock En Siene headliners. Fans of both groups rejoiced to hear this and the announcement has really been setting the music world on fire as the two are great to pair together for fans across all genres and loves of musical diversity.

Both of these bands have been added to the Paris festival, which will take place across four days – an extension to the normal three day event – between August 25-28, 2022 at the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud.

This is also huge for Rage Against The Machine and the festival itself as it has been fourteen very long and awaited years since the festival and its attendants have been able to witness Rage Against The Machine with their very own eyes and on their stage.

Rock En Siene also teased this rumor on their Instagram account as they hinted at Rage Against The Machine being announced with some very familiar lyrics to the tune of “You can’t stop us now…”

Fans in the United States will be getting to see Rage Against The Machine in 2022 unless plans are changed again as they have been, but the band has to start somewhere to get back to where they once were, so everyone is awaiting a possible full international/European tour announcement if everything goes smoothly at the festival coming up in Paris. RATM fans on Reddit claim sources are saying a European tour announcement is in the works.

Let’s hope for the very best across the board for all involved with the fest and the band itself.

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