Rage Against The Machine Reunion ‘Postponed’ By Big Name


Rage Against The Machine were set to headline the Coachella festival in April as their first high profile reunion performances after a few warmup shows, but it appears promoters are working on postponing the festival to October due to the Coronavirus with the original date canceled.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on Twitter, “Officials are working on a plan to try and move #Coachella to October in an attempt to save the event from cancellation amid concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.”

Festive Owl tweeted, “I’m getting LOTS of worried questions about @Bonnaroo etc after the @Coachella news — Look, any festival past mid-May isn’t even worth worrying about right now. It will be CLEAR if #coronavirus is under control or not by that time…making decisions obvious one way or another.”

Yashar Ali chimed in, “Scoop: A source familiar with the arrangements tells me that the Coachella festival will be postponed due to Coronavirus concerns and moved to the weekends of October 9 and 16.
As of now, the same lineup is confirmed to perform.”

SoulsticeCleaner posted on the RATM Reddit, “I just saw the news about the Pearl Jam tour and had the exact same thought. First boned by a Beastie Boy falling off a bike 20 years ago, now boned by a global pandemic. What a fucking bizarre time to be alive.

BrainOfJim responded, “I too had tickets 20 years ago only to have it postponed and the band break up, now I’m worried the cycle will repeat all over again.”

SoulsticeCleaner wrote, “I guess if we all take the long view, we may all be partying together in 20 years when we’re all between 60 to 80, rallying around the family with pockets full of shells.”

TheMullHawk said, “How do you think a cancellation would work with sites like StubHub. It seems like it’d be easy enough for Ticketmaster to refund the original buyers but if someone down the line purchased it from them would they even be able to be refunded?”