Rage Against The Machine Surprised By Jimmy Page


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk posted a photo from Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page on Instagram.

“If Jimmy Page is reposting then so am I. 🙏🏼🙌🏼 Repost: @jimmypage
On this day in 2010, I went to see @rageagainstthemachine in Finsbury Park, UK.⁣

This concert was a thank you to Rage Against The Machine’s UK fans who, through a canny Facebook campaign, had kept the X Factor record off the Number 1 spot by getting ‘Killing In the Name’ to the UK Christmas Number 1 in 2009.⁣

This band generated energy so intense that you could cut it with a chainsaw. ⁣

This was a hardcore concert and I left with a renewed respect for the band, who are: Zack de la Rocha (vocals), @tommorello (guitar), Tim Commerford (bass) and @bradwilk on drums. ⚡️🔌🔋 ⁣

Photo: Noel Vasquez / Getty.”

Page also recently wrote, “On this day in 1969, Johnny Cash released his legendary prison album San Quentin. I once played in a prison, Holloway Women’s Prison in London with Neil Christian and the Crusaders.⁣

Johnny Cash was born on February 26th 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas and on his birthday, 33 years later, my solo single She Just Satisfies was released in 1965.”