Rap Icon T-Pain Has Surprising Revelation After Chris Cornell’s Death


Alternative Nation recently spoke to legendary hip hop artist and the “Godfather of Auto tune,” T-Pain, inside of Subway’s Green Room at Firefly Music Festival.

On the topic of Chris Cornell’s passing and whether or not he grew up on the legendary Soundgarden frontman’s music, T-Pain said, “Not so much, because I came in late. A lot of people think I’m 52 years old, but in reality I didn’t get into music until I was 99 (laughs). It’s still an honor to even be able to say I’ve worked with the people he’s worked with.”

Chris Cornell of course worked with many individuals in the hip-hop world on his Timbaland produced 2009 solo album, Scream.

“It didn’t come across to me as a big special thing that these guys worked with him until I started going back and realizing… ‘Oh shit, that’s Chris? WHAT? THAT WAS ALL HIM?’ Well, I feel really dumb now.”

On the topic of potentially performing unplugged shows in the wake of his successful NPR performance, T-Pain said: “I don’t plan on doing a lot of unplugged type stuff. Whenever I play live I do it without any autotune on stage. It’s a normal thing to me, but for some reason this is like… a new phenomenon for people? [laughs] I guess nobody has been paying attention for the past ten years! BUT… I do get paid more. Yes, absolutely. [laughs]”

On his enduring friendship with Eric Andre and memories of performing on the Eric Andre show, the rapper said: “All of my fond memories of the Eric Andre Show was AFTER… the strip club experience afterwards, seeing him with Amber Rose… there was some REALLY weird shit happening. Nah, but really man, it was super fun, Andre’s one of my best friends, he hits me up every single time I’m in LA, and whenever he’s in Atlanta we gotta get together. Always fond memories of me and Eric. It’s a special kind of relationship!”

On the topic of his new song, “You Don’t Know”: “‘You Don’t Know’ is about a couple of conversations I had with some chicks. I found out that some people really like to make up stories when they don’t have anything. You don’t know anything. You talk a lot. People like to sound smart. That’s about the whole premise of the song.”

Special thanks to Luis Angel for coming up with questions.