Red Hot Chili Peppers Drop 2022 Album Bombshell


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith says RHCP plan to release a new album and perform live next year.

Smith told SiriusXM’s Pop Rocks about guitarist John Frusciante returning, “He’s back in the group, and it’s really exciting and fun, and we just kind of picked up where we left off. We’ve known each other for so long — obviously, 30-plus years — so it’s like putting on a nicely well-worn pair of shoes that feel really good, and you get back in there and it’s comfortable and a little bit different, but still we’re doing our thing. So it’s been really fun.”

He added about the new album, “There’s been no hurry, with what’s happened over the last year or so. So we’ve been kind of taking our time, and we have lots of new music, and we’re very excited about it, and when it’s done, it’s done, and we’ll put it out, and we’ll go play some concerts next year. We look forward to being in front of people again, like everybody wants to be so badly, us included. Not only having new music to play, but also we just wanna play live.

And that’s such an important part of life’s experiences and certainly of being a band. It’s really important to us. We were gonna play last summer. But we want it to be safe for everyone and a really good experience for everyone, so we pushed everything off, but we’re coming back, and it’s gonna be great.”