Red Hot Chili Peppers Drop Tupac Death Bombshell


Flea has always been a beacon in the music world. Not only has Flea always been heavily involved in the rock scene, but he saw many greats come and go as well in other music scenes. One of those scenes would be the rap world where Flea was around during the same time as greats such as Biggie, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac. Recently, Flea has released a full statement regarding Tupac Shakur.

On Twitter, Flea took some time to state how awful he felt about losing such a great talent in Tupac as he posted that he was sad that Tupac died so young. Fans would take to his status and agree with his stance on losing Tupac far too soon. With this post, we were not only given a glimpse into how much fans still regard Tupac, but how many in the music world understand the weight of not only his talent, but in loss as well.

Flea has not followed up on this message yet and it’s hard to say if he will, but in any respect, he truly feels the loss of Tupac. Now, what sparked this? That’s hard to say. Tupac lost his life in September of 1996 and his birthday is in June. Maybe some things just caught up to Flea and he felt the need to get it off his chest. What a great person that Flea is.

We will have to see if there are any follow-ups to what Flea posted, but it doesn’t seem so as of now. Perhaps, just a fleeting thought roaming the mind of Flea on this day. Either way, it’s very admirable and we could all be a little more like Flea at just about any given moment in time.