Red Hot Chili Peppers Ex-Bandmates Finally Reunite


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers members Josh Klinghoffer and Jack Irons have reunited in the studio, and Irons has revealed an additional reunion that is taking place in a photo.

Irons said, “Reunited with an old friend for an @pluralone_official session… My old 90s kit..”

Stack_percussion recently speculated about thew new RHCP album with John Frusciante on Reddit, following the firing of Klinghoffer.

“I think we’ll definitely see plenty of guitar solos on the next album and it’ll have more the vibe of a RHCP album produced by Rick Rubin that we’ve all kind of come to expect. I love Josh and Danger Mouse, but I think this next album will feel like it just picks up right after Stadium, yet it’ll be completely different.

However, I think John’s electronic influence will likely have at least some impact on the overall sound and texture. I mean, how could it not? I expect the use of some electronic instruments and modular synthesizers and all that crazy stuff John knows how to use, but it won’t be in the same style or genre as his solo work. Didn’t Flea just have an Instagram post about some old modules they were using in the studio?

I recall John saying that he and Chad had a different dynamic playing together now cuz John thinks of rhythms more like a percussionist now, so we could see some different, maybe faster type of house/dance beats coming from Chad.

John said he wanted to be in a rock band again, so he’s not trying to make the chili peppers sound like Trickfinger. He had his avenue for electronic music, and now the chili peppers are yet another avenue (again) to do something he’s never done before.

I expect guitar solos but maybe not as bluesy as “I Could Have Lied.” I expect plenty of funk, lots of overdubs and post-production techniques, rich harmonies, and probably some weird rhythms/styles the band hasn’t really used before. I doubt it’ll be a chart-topping popular hit with the year’s hottest #1 single, but for die-hard fans of both the band and John, I think it’s sure to be a real treat. They didn’t just ditch Josh and start from scratch to release something they don’t think their fans will go absolutely nuts for.”