Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea & Dave Navarro Discuss One Hot Minute


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and the band’s former guitarist Dave Navarro communicated publicly for the first time in years on Monday to mark the 21st anniversary of One Hot Minute, the Chili Peppers’ lone album with Navarro.

Navarro tweeted, “Some people LOVE it, some HATE it I feel both ways about it but I am still proud of the work & it was a great time!”  Flea responded, “So glad we did it together.”


Flea has written two recent ‘Flea Mail’ blogs on Read the September 12th entry below:

walking walking walking around stockholm, this whole scandanavian adventure has been a magical thing, dead and buried kings witnessed under slabs of ancient stone, peaceful cemeteries visited in southern stockholm, fresh air sucked deep into my lungs. I fear however for the youth of the world, one after the other walking down the street, in groups or alone, but almost always faces buried into mobile phone devices. I witnessed hundreds of children walking the streets never looking up but for the minimum to avoid a fall into a ditch. groups of kids never uttering a word, nor marveling at the expanse of blue above their heads, just staring into the rectangular device while they perambulate . i guess this is a world wide phenomenon of sadness. what will become of us??? where will we be, we need to lay back and stare into the sky and let our spirits run free, imaginations must soar, books must be written, symphonies must be composed, new styles must be invented. come on and do some shit that blows my mind, force me to see outside of my life. i know i whine and complain while i sit here typing in my room, tell me what a fool i am, a cell phone user myself, but this is a problem the likes we have not faced before.

In helsinki now, we were playing ‘werewolves’ with many of our rhcp traveling party in my hotel room, laughing hysterically through the night. i am exhausted from laughter, guffawing, chortling, and hollering uncontrollable bursts of pealing laughter. so fun. i am so happy and in love with my men.

Traveling with us are two other musicians who play with us. on piano is nate wolcott, he plays some synths too, he can play the hell out of the trumpet too. such a deep musical dude and so generous of spirit, it is lovely to have him along with us on this thing, the intensity of which can only be released through the comradery we share. on the other side of chad is chris warren, who plays synths too, and some drum pads and anything else he wants to, a mellotron here, an oboe there. chris has been with us since the californication tour, he was the drum roadie first, then evolved into playing along as well. every time i look over there he’s got a new part he’s playing, he doesn’t even bother to ask anymore he just does it hahahahahahahahahahahahah. we love him with all of our hearts he is one of us one of us gooba gabba one of us. we first met him when we were audition drummers, he came and played with us. we hired chad, but chris became part of our family then and forever he shall be.

excited to lay deep into the groove tomorrow night here in helsinki, to feel it. lets work together to create a magical night of straight fukking rocking. lets dance like untethered wildebeests then hug each other and weep. thanks so much for everyone coming out to support us. i feel your intensity through all my bones, i’ll give you everything drop i got.