Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer Reacts To Being Told He Sounds Like John Frusciante


Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist reacted to being told his voice sounds like his predecessor John Frusciante in a new Josh Mail on

Question: Josh you have a very smooth sounding tenor voice, you are the reason I have recently took up singing, rather than just solely being a multi instrumentalist. I have a very similar voice and learned a lot by sing dot hacker songs, I’d say your voice is a mix of Shirley Manson, Thom Yorke and John Frusciante. How did you find your vocal sound and how to keep it healthy so you can hit those crazy notes like in “whatever you want”?

Answer: Wow, that’s nice to hear. I didn’t do anything to find my vocals sound. If anything, I’ve tried to lose it because I never liked my voice. A few years ago, and sometimes recently I feel like I may’ve gotten my wish and actually lost it, which is the scariest thing to face. I just try and warm up before doing real singing and try not to over use it now. Still sometimes on tour, I’ll lose little parts of my voice. Jumping between regular voice and falsetto. It’s disheartening and annoying. Don’t take your voice for granted of treat it unkindly. It will leave.