Red Hot Chili Peppers Member Reveals Why Pulling Dick Out At Shows Was ‘Great’


Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith was asked on the Eddie Trunk Podcast if he ever performed in a severely inebriated state, to which he replied (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“[Laughs] Yeah! Many times! Many times!

“People saying to me like, ‘Do you remember we had to blah blah blah gig?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t even remember the show! What?!’

“‘Yeah, you pulled your dick out.’ ‘No, I don’t remember that!’ We had all that stuff. And it was great!

“No regrets.”

“You gotta make your choices and things happen and sometimes you want to indulge and that’s what you do. That was when I was a kid.”

“I wanted to be like Led Zeppelin and do drugs and sex and rock ‘n’ roll, I was all about that. So I definitely lived that for a while. It was great.”

“To me, it’s a young man’s game. So when I see young bands and they’re getting all wasted and playin’, well yeah, if you are 24 years old you can get up and do it the next day. That’s fine.”

“You sleep in the back of a van on top of a road case and that’s it. That’s what you did. You played 30 shows in 30 nights.”

“But you’re lovin’ it! You’re living a dream. And that’s all part of it and I totally get it. But now, there’s no way! I couldn’t do it!”