Robert Plant Kisses Phil Collins At Bar In Photo

A rare photo of Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant kissing Phil Collins at a bar has been posted on Twitter, as seen below.

Any music fan has their favorite band, song or album. Sometimes we may not be aware, but even those who beat the drums, strum the strings, or scream at the top of their lungs likewise have their favorites too. After all, many of the performers you cheer and head bang to today were once fans of the industry just like you.

According to Ultimate Guitar, Greta Van Fleet drummer, Danny Wagner named “Led Zeppelin III” as *the* Zep album he’d need if he was ever stranded on a deserted island, expressing his love for the classic banger “Immigrant Song”.

The Michigan quartet consisting of two Kiszka brothers and two non-Kiszkas have been hailed as ’70s rock revivalists since they burst onto social media with the chart-topping single “Highway Tune” six years ago. Many people site parallels between the Robert Plant-fronted rock gods and this new younger band.

As always, there’s more nuance to Greta Van Fleet than simply trying to capture the spirit of the past, but they seem very genuine with their love for the post-Woodstock era rock, judging by Danny Wagner’s taste.

Speaking to “AXS TV” in a new episode of “Stranded“, which sees prominent musicians picking a handful of albums they’d take on a deserted island, Wagner’s picks consist exclusively of ’70s albums, including Neil Young’s “Harvest”, Paul & Linda McCartney’s “Ram”, Hall & Oates’ “Abandoned Luncheonette” – as well as Led Zeppelin’s “III”. Speaking of the latter, he said (transcription via Loudwire):

“Number 3, because now I have to get a little heavier, I’m going to say ‘Led Zeppelin III’. I’ll be honest, it’s a brilliant album, very dynamic.

“But if I’m stuck on an island, I’m gonna need ‘Immigrant Song’ in my life. There’s not even a whole lot I have to say about that album, this album’s pretty self-explanatory.”