Rock Hall of Fame ‘Won’t Consider’ Two Bands


Take a second and think about some of the best rock bands that you can think of. Now, think of how many of those bands are in the Hall Of Fame. After that, try to see how many bands you can name that are already in the Hall Of Fame. Oddly enough, some of the bands that you think are either in the Hall Of Fame or should be in, are not in at all. For reasons such as these, fans have become angry along with the bands that they look up to.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, One person close to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is co-founder, Jann Wenner who said Foreigner and Styx have never even been considered for induction.

Wenner, who founded Rolling Stone magazine, added that bands from the same era, including REO Speedwagon and Boston, have also never been discussed by those tasked with choosing inductees.

In a new episode of the WTF podcast, host Marc Maron asked: “Are there bands – and I know you’ve been accused of this before – are there bands you will not, you know, indulge at all? … There’s been talk of you maybe stifling some people’s membership into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that feel like they deserve it.”

Wenner replied: “There is talk of that, but I don’t control that. I’m not on the nominating committee.” Asked specifically about Foreigner, he said, “Nothing against Foreigner – in fact, I was very good friends with Mick Jones … but, you know, Foreigner’s name has never come up in a nominating committee to be nominated.”

Certainly, both bands have the hits to get their hats thrown into the ring, but it seems like maybe they are not household names enough? Then again, there are so many other bands that are pretty lowkey that are already in the Hall Of Fame.