Rock Icon Confronted The Killers: ‘You Owe Me, You’re Only Here Because Of Me!’


The Killers members Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vanucci Jr. discussed their celebrity encounters at the Sunset Marquis hotel in a new Yahoo interview.

Vanucci’s Sunset Marquis celebrity encounter also stands out. “One time I ran into [ZZ Top’s] Billy Gibbons. He went straight up to me. He thought I was a guitar player — I play drums — and he came up to me and goes, ‘You owe me, you’re only here because of me.’ And he’s f***ing right, because I grew up on Eliminator. So he’s right.”

So, did Vanucci correct Gibbons? “I don’t think it matters, he’s still right,” Verducci shrugs. “If I’m in a rock band, I’m there because of Billy Gibbons.”

“I hung out with Morrissey at this hotel,” Flowers starts off. “I came in one night at around 11 and everything was kind of shut down, but there was this one little light in the restaurant. And I grew up just idolizing him. I instantly got excited, obviously, and I ended up getting the courage to introduce myself and stay for a few hours out there with the Moz. It was an incredible experience. I was his bus boy when I was 18 at Spago in Vegas — served him a mushroom pizza and Earl Grey tea, and I totally made an ass of myself: ‘Mushrooms are really cool.’ So I don’t know that I redeemed myself completely with this experience with him, but I tried.”