Roger Waters Attacks Man For David Gilmour Lies


Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters has unloaded on a reporter for lying about his remarks about David Gilmour, after his feud with Gilmour’s wife.

Waters posted, “A note from Roger: There is a crappy article in The New Statesman, written, if you can call it writing, by a chap called Stuart Maconie. It’s the usual, shit stirring, ill informed nonsense. However, there is, in the article, something upon which I need to set the record straight. When talking about a new recording I have made of DSOTM, he writes, with an unearned condescending authority, about the process of making this new recording, and I quote, “Part of this will involve him removing, as quoted in Spain’s El Pais newspaper, Gilmour’s “horrible guitar solos”.

Now, I don’t know who he thinks he’s quoting when he says Gilmour’s “horrible guitar solos” but it sure as shit ain’t me. I was there, I love Dave’s guitar solos on DSOTM, both of them, and on WYWH and on ANIMALS and on THE WALL and on THE FINAL CUT.

In my, albeit biased view, Dave’s solos on those albums, constitute a collection of some of the very best guitar solos in the history of Rock and Roll. So, Stuart Maconie, you little prick, next time, please check your copy with the subjects of your grubby little piece, before you go to print. Love R.”