Roger Waters Reveals Truth About Tom Morello


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently posted, “Stirring and stunning, uncompromising and fearless @rogerwaters show last night. Dangerous times demand dangerous shows like this. Roger hit me up awhile back about some political this or that and after a brief discussion said, ‘I’m glad you haven’t changed your email or your mind.’ Love ya man! Also congrats to artistic director and good dude @deadskinboy for his incredible work.”

Tom Morello is not one to play with when it comes to anything that requires a brain. It gets even worse if you challenge him to a contest that includes fact checking. Not only does the guitar player absolutely slay at anything which features a form of musicality, but he also has the knowledge to take care of business on Twitter.

It’s been a bit since we heard of any really huge requirements for vaccination for shows or other social events. The vaccination card kind of came and went rather quickly when you think back about it. With that, however, there have been points in time where a vaccine was required in order to get into a bar, restaurant, club, or music venue.

Some bands have made it a big deal in the past to ensure that someone was vaccinated to see them perform, but one of those bands was not Rage Against The Machine or anyone that Tom was affiliated with.

In fact, Tom was just challenged about this on his Twitter. Not only did the person call out Rage Against The Machine and Tom, but they did this when Tom Morello would certainly know how all of the workings go inside and outside of the band.

It’s hard to call the person a fan who asked the question to Tom on Twitter, so we will call them a troll instead. The troll took to Twitter to ask Tom if he and Rage were still “banning people” who are not vaccinated from their shows. Tom felt this to be a bit odd as he stated that Rage have never, in their entire history, done anything of the nature and they also have never required any form of vaccination to enter their shows, let alone exit the shows.

Check out the back and forth below via Tom’s Twitter.