Rumored Expiration Date For Slash & Duff McKagan’s Guns N’ Roses Contracts


MSL has revealed on GNRTruth that Slash and Duff McKagan are currently under contract with Guns N’ Roses, and shared some rumors he has heard about when they might expire.

“With one important caveat being that unlike most musicians that are “hired” by a band, Slash & Duff aren’t being paid a flat salary, they’re being a percentage, which is far more lucrative.

I don’t think it’s publicly known when their contracts expire (I’ve heard end of next year, no idea if that’s true), but hopefully everyone is having a good time and enjoying the incredible money and wants to continue this for years to come.”

He also posted, “The three are partners on business relating to classic material and marks.

But Axl does not need their permission to tour or record as GNR.”