Rush Singer Geddy Lee Reacts To Man Hitting On Him


Rush frontman Geddy Lee recently did a book signing and a male fan talked to him who believed (it seemed to be wishful thinking) that he winked at him, with a bit of flirtation going on.

Classic Rock Magazine reported, “There are people here from the US, from Brazil, from all over the UK, just waiting for their short moment in the light next to Lee. One man tries to tell Geddy how he saw him live with Rush and was convinced that Geddy was winking at him. Geddy sizes him up with a nod and says: ‘You’re kind of a good-looking guy, might have happened.’ The man is so deliriously happy with this response that he’s led away looking like he’s been tasered.”

You can read the full Geddy Lee book signing piece at Classic Rock Magazine.

Rush fans on recently discussed what they believe Rush’s worst album is. thizzellewashington wrote, “Test for Echo for me. Most of the songs are just kinda forgettable and mediocre to me. The only one that’s genuinely among their all-time best work is ‘Driven.’ ‘Resist’ is pretty good too. One or two others I like. But as a whole it’s very boring which is something Rush can almost never be accused of. Even their other “bad” stuff is bad because it’s an interesting experiment they tried that failed. Test for Echo just feels like they mailed in the songwriting part of it.”

jnoble posted, “TFE, Snakes, Clockwork. I find the latter two pretty much unlistenable, especially the wall of unmemorable hookless dense noise that makes up most of Clockwork. I still can’t believe the band was OK with the mix. It sounds like Geddy is singing in a different language, I can’t make out a damn word of almost any song.”