Sammy Hagar Drops Red Hot Chili Peppers Tour Bombshell


Sammy Hagar discussed a possible Chickenfoot reunion in a new interview, and said Red Hot Chili Peppers are set for a major tour.

He told Inside With Paulo Baron, “Absolutely. I don’t know when. Joe [Satriani] won’t do anything because of the pandemic. I asked Joe to do something this year and he said, ‘I ain’t fucking doing it, I’m not going in front of no people!’ ‘Easy Joe!’

“Joe’s a fanatic, he’s a real character. He’s passive-aggressive. You say anything to him and goes, ‘Oh, sure, what do you want to do? I’m OK with anything.’ And then you say, ‘Hey Joe, let’s dress up like women and go on stage…’

“‘Fuck you, I ain’t doing that!’ He seems like he’s easy-going but he’s not. He won’t play. So hopefully, when he gets over that.

“I’m sure the Chili Peppers [where Chickenfoot drummer Chad Smith is playing] are going to be fucking going out again, they go out for five years at a time. I and Mikey [Michael Anthony, bass] would sacrifice a little bit of time with The Circle to do a Chickenfoot reunion.

“I’m announcing Monday my residency in Las Vegas, I’m going to do a small 800-seat room, it’s gorgeous, perfectly lined up where every seat is, beautiful area, everything is elevated so that you can see. I’m going to be bringing different bands in there.

“We’re starting the last Friday and Saturday of October and the first Friday and Saturday of November. So we’re just doing four nights to start with, then taking the holidays off. Next year we’ll be doing maybe 50 shows a year there, and I plan on using all my different bands for different nights.

“Some nights I’ll have the Wobbles, some nights I’ll have Chickenfoot. So Chickenfoot is going to be by hook or crook, we’re going to be doing that, and if we do, we’ll probably end up writing some songs together.

“I love Chickenfoot but Chickenfoot is art. I wanted originally Chickenfoot to be like The Circle, I got to tell you this, I wanted to play two Chili Pepper songs, two Sammy Hagar songs, two Joe Satriani instrumentals, and two Van Halen songs.

“Joe would have no part of it. I love him to death, he’s one of the most intelligent people I know. So if he says, ‘No, that’s a stupid idea,’ it’s hard to argue with him. He’s so fucking smart.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.