Sammy Hagar Getting Big Name For Van Halen Reunion?


It would seem a war is brewing between two rock legends, and neither party are pulling any punches. The two raging inside this battle of the bands are none other than Sammy Hager, and fellow aging rocker, David Lee Roth.

According to Ultimate Guitar, Sammy Hagar said he is open to mixing it up as part of an all-star Van Halen tribute should the opportunity present itself, noting how he could “easily” sing David Lee Roth’s songs if he had to. Really? Easily?

When it comes to rock and metal music, the year 2022 will be remembered by several landmark tribute events – the Foo Fighters’ all-star Taylor Hawkins tribute, and ongoing tour with Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante. However, the one tribute project we’ve been hearing about – the ill-fated Van Halen all-star event – did not pan out as conceived.

Three months after we first heard rumors, Wolfgang Van Halen revealed that the project had been dead in its tracks, every pun-intended, for some time, but confirmed rumors that David Lee Roth was behind the holdup. Of course he was.

In the meantime, the late guitar hero’s son added how he’s got little interest to continue working with the “dysfunctional” group, noting how he’s paid his tribute to Edward by performing his songs at the Taylor Hawkins tributes.

Speaking to Growth TV in a new interview, the Red Rocker said how he’d very much like to front the project instead if it were ever to take place (transcription via Rock Celebrities):

“Oh hell yes. I would be involved, and I would insist that Dave come along somehow. He’s not so friendly.”

Get your guitars and bass guitars at the ready. Metal and rock are about ready to take this to the streets – and “teeth” will fly.