Scott Stapp Reveals Why Chris Cornell’s Death Was ‘Very Shocking’


Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp discussed Chris Cornell’s death in a North Jersey interview.

“It was very tragic and very shocking when I heard of Chris’ passing and how he passed. I had always looked up to him as an artist and a human being,” Stapp said.

Cornell’s troubles were all too familiar to Stapp, who has had problems with addiction and a resulting suicide attempt.

When asked to share his thoughts on how society deals with addiction Stapp said, “A lot more focus needs to be on better treatments, better education, more knowledge out there for the public – because in one form or another everyone is touched by mental illness in some capacity.”

When asked about the role faith plays in his songwriting and his career he said his faith in God always comes out in his music and influences him.

“Your faith and your spiritual journey evolves as you grow.”

The Doors were also part of Stapp’s journey.

“Not in particular how my music sounded but how Bono (U2) and (Jim) Morrison (Doors) approached their lyric writing.” He said it was similar to how he himself approaches writing and added that their lyrics were able to stand on their own whether or not they were put to music.

As to what exactly he hopes to elicit with his lyrics.

“Feeling and emotion. A personal connection that’s real,” he added.