Scott Weiland, David Bowie, Prince & Lemmy Honored At Guns N’ Roses Show


Billy Talent recently opened for Guns N’ Roses in Toronto, and gave a dedication to rock legends who have passed away in the last year before performing “Devil On My Shoulder.”

“We’re from down the fucking street, and this is a dream come true, so thank you for being so kind to us. Rock and roll has had a rough go over the last year or so. From Scott Weiland, to Glenn Frey, to fuckin’ Lemmy, to Prince, and David Bowie.”

Watch the video below.

A post was recently made on Gnr Int Forum-Staff that criticizes Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, claiming he has ruined Chinese Democracy songs with his solos. The post is a recent live video of ”Sorry.”

The admin of the page posted that they ”missed Chris Pitman,” GNR’s former keyboardist, and guitarist Richard Fortus responded, ”What exactly do you miss?” Pitman left the band earlier this year, trashing the ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour as a cash grab.

Fortus also said that he ”loved playing with Robin [Finck]” and that he also ”loves what Slash brings to the Chinese Democracy songs”. He added, ”Yeah, they’re different, but I love what he does with them’.’