Scott Weiland Once ‘Ranted’ At Manager For Trying To Reunite Guns N’ Roses


In a new Appetite for Distortion interview, former Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner remembered Scott Weiland fearing Guns N’ Roses would reunite during Velvet Revolver’s time together.

“There was a time where, when we were making our second record, the only reason it came up was because I think Irving Azoff started managing us. We had switched managers, and Azoff started managing Axl and the new Guns, then Scott got really super paranoid.

You’ve got to understand with Irving he’s got a lot of other managers underneath him, so it’s so spread out because he had so many bands at the time that it wasn’t that much of a conflict, because Guns just kind of goes on its own. Scott got really paranoid, I think he was just on something at the time.

I remember being at rehearsal and him telling one of the other managers to get Irving on the phone, and him just got on this rant to Irving like: ‘You’re just trying to get Guns N’ Roses back together! I know what you’re doing!’ He just went on this tirade. At the time, both Duff and Slash were like, ‘That’s never going to happen.’

Up until it happened, they still said it’s never going to happen. They couldn’t forsee it happening. They were so stealth about any meetings, they didn’t want to tell anyone, because if it gets out you never know if it’s because you told that person that you thought you could trust. I didn’t hear about it, really, until it happened.”