Scott Weiland Son Releases “Drunk” Song


When you have a famous parent, there can be some benefits such as an easier path into the given industry that your parent was in and, of course, financial backing to help you get started. There are, however, some major drawbacks that can come with it as well. Just ask any star who has had a famous parent within the music industry and you’ll see that they are consistently compared to that parent without shame. This makes it incredibly hard for the artist to break out and come into their own. Recently, this has been the case with Scott Weiland’s son, Noah Weiland.

Sadly, the comparisons don’t end with the two musicians sharing the same last name. Noah Weiland has gone on record to say that he is in a state of recovery from alcohol addiction at just 21 years old. The path to his sobriety had lead him with brand new musical ideas such as one of his newest songs, ‘Drunk’.

Noah had this to say about the newest song: “My recovery and music are the only things that matter to me at the moment. This new song is mostly just fun, nothing too deep. Although my next one is more about my father, mother, a little shade at my old stepmom, my adult years, growing up — much different from what people expect — and addiction.”‘

While Noah does understand that people will always find a way to bring his father into any conversation, Noah says that he’s forging his own path within music both lyrically and sonically, which some people will really enjoy, but diehard Scott Weiland fans may scratch their heads at what Noah brings – but that’s exactly the point.

As stated by the singer: “I’m finding my own sound and creating my own lane and doing things completely independent, because I’m not trying to ride my dad’s coattails.”