Scott Weiland Thanksgiving Tradition Continued By Bandmate


Scott Weiland’s former Wildabouts bandmate Tommy Black used the late Scott Weiland’s Thanksgiving turkey recipe yesterday.

Alice In Chains’ William DuVall discussed Weiland’s death in a September 2016 interview with Alternative Nation.

I was very sad to hear of his passing. I was a real fan of the work he did with Stone Temple Pilots especially, I think the sound of those records is just one of the best sounding catalogs to me in terms of ideas and production, and just imagination. They really have a very colorful and beautiful catalog. I’m especially a huge fan of the No. 4 album, that’s just me. When the news of Scott’s passing broke, I actually posted the song “Atlanta,” which is the last song on the No. 4 album, because it’s always been a favorite of mine, and I thought what he did on that was beautiful.

Of course it’s incidental that the song happens to be called “Atlanta,” and I have a lot of history in that town, and the song was as far as I know even recorded in Atlanta, because they did a lot of work at Southern Tracks. Brendan O’Brien used to work out of Southern Tracks quite a bit; some of my favorite records of the last 25 years were recorded in that studio, and with Brendan. I also am longtime friends with another engineer that worked on the No. 4 album, Russ Fowler. He made a bunch of records with me with Comes With The Fall, and other things that I’ve done. So there are just a lot of ties that bind, so I posted that song.

I thought Scott was really great. The first time I met him was probably 2002, I seem to recall [Jerry] Cantrell and I playing a gig in North Carolina, this is going back a ways, but if I remember we played some shows with Stone Temple Pilots, I know that. One of them was in I want to say Charlotte, and I remember it was very soon after the news of Layne Staley’s death broke, and it was also that night that I found out that my grandfather, who was ailing was in the hospital, was probably not going to make it, and I was extremely close to him. Cantrell and I went on stage that night with a lot of heavy stuff we were carrying, it was a very emotional show. I seem to remember meeting Scott Weiland after that; we did the typical pop over to the dressing room thing. He was very warm; everyone was feeling very pleasant that night. I remember he kind of opened his arms and was like, ‘William! It’s so nice to meet you!”