Scott Weiland Was Friends With Pearl Jam Members


Photoshop by Alternative Nation contributor Dustin Halter

Our article on Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament’s reaction to Scott Weiland’s death last Friday led to a lot of comments wondering if Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots ever had any relationship or interactions.

STP and Pearl Jam’s history goes back over 20 years ago to 1993, when Eddie Vedder infamously told Rolling Stone magazine in 1993 that Weiland was ‘coppin’ his trip’ after Jeff Ament told him about the “Plush” video. The myth of STP ripping off Pearl Jam was later disproved when demos from 1989-1991 surfaced from the band’s Mighty Joe Young days, which included songs that would later become fan favorites like “Wicked Garden.” These songs were first demoed before Pearl Jam existed. Scott Weiland told Alternative Nation last month even that the dark “Only Dying” was demoed in 1990.

Weiland told Metal Hammer in 2001 that he and STP were friends with members of Pearl Jam, even after their initial criticism of the band. “That was tough to take, and also kinda odd because Pearl Jam went through the same thing when they first came out,” sighed Scott. “But we’re friends with all the guys from Pearl Jam, except Eddie. He’s kind of a loner, although Stone [Gossard, guitarist] and Mike [McCreadie, lead guitarist] always come to see us when we play Seattle.”

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament reacted to the death of Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland during a Twitter chat on Friday with fans.