Scott Weiland’s Funeral Is Today


Photo: Jamie Weiland

Susan Holmes McKagan, the wife of former Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan, discusses her thoughts on Scott Weiland heading into his funeral today on Instagram:

Bet u didn’t know this.. Duff N’ I met a nice couple, who met at a #VelvetRevolver show, they always remind us of how VR’s music brought their hearts+souls together, and are happily married now 5 yrs.. They are so sweet & thankful to the guys for their truly awe inspiring shows, and music that brought them and so many people together! RIP #Scott ✨ Today is your funeral, and a very difficult one for Duff N’ I and so many others.. We love u Scott #Prayers4All Sending love+light

She also wrote:

“Remember me w smiles N laughter, for that’s how I’ll remember you. If you can only remember me in dejection and tears then don’t remember me at all.” Saw this quote & somehow seemed to make sense.. Let’s remember his strengths, and the talented frontman and songs he contributed to us. Rest in Peace #ScottWeiland ( w #Slash #DuffMcKagan) aka #VelvetRevolver ✨

Alternative Nation sends its best wishes to Scott Weiland’s friends, family, and bandmates on this difficult day.