Lawyers Who Defended Scott Weiland Against Stone Temple Pilots Sue Dead Singer


MyNewsLA is reporting that Scott Weiland’s estate and his former attorneys settled a lawsuit in which the lawyers alleged they were owed more than than $50,000 for representing the late singer in a legal battle with his former bandmates in the Stone Temple Pilots.

Lawyers for Gradstein & Marzano LLC, representing themselves, filed court papers on May 10 with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Feffer asking that the case be dismissed. No terms were divulged.

Weiland’s estate owed a balance of $30,625, as well as another $22,000 for services rendered but never billed, according to the law firm’s complaint.

The suit stated the law firm vigorously defended Weiland in a lawsuit in which STP maintained he violated his obligations to the group and misappropriated the rock band’s name to further his solo career.

Gradstein & Marzano reviewed and organized more than 23,000 documents and also filed a countersuit against STP on Weiland’s behalf, the suit stated.

Weiland later changed lawyers, but Gradstein & Marzano worked with the new firm hired by the singer and a settlement between the late singer and STP was reached last October, according to the suit.