Shirley Manson Calls Out ‘Creepy’ Billie Eilish Behavior


Garbage singer Shirley Manson called out adults for being ‘creepy’ losing their shit over 17-year old singer Billie Eilish.

“Is it just me or is there something spectacularly creepy about all the ADULTS losing their shit over Billie Eilish? FYI she just turned 17.🙈”

Manson recently discussed sexism in the music business in a Timeout interview.

As a woman in the notoriously sexist and ageist music industry, does it feel more radical to be doing this now than it did 20 years ago?

“Not just more radical, but incredibly rewarding. I think a lot of people assume we’re attached to the “glory years” when we were massively commercially successful. But back then, it got to the point where I felt like I was working for a record company. They were making more money than God while we were on a bus for two fucking years struggling to keep our minds and bodies and marriages together. Now, we’re on our own independent label and don’t get pushed around any more.”

Why do you think Garbage have lasted?

“We have tremendous respect for one another and it’s very much a democracy. We’ve been blessed with a certain kind of toughness; we can endure quite a few smackdowns and somehow be stupid enough to stand back up and take another swing.”