Slash’s Guns N’ Roses Contract Is Reportedly ‘Worse’ Than In 90’s, Despite Last Minute Demands


Guns N’ Roses insider MSL have shared new rumors on GNRTruth regarding Slash’s negotiations to rejoin Guns N’ Roses.

“Slash is returning under worse terms than the ones he rejected in 1995.”

He later posted in another thread in response to another user, “You and I may realize that most musicians are primarily motivated by finance, but that reality ruins the fantasy for many fans, which is why the industry as a whole goes to great lengths to protect the images of the artists so it’s not rubbed in fans’ faces that 99% of artists’ decisions are primarily motivated by finance. Nobody gains anything from fans realizing that reality and as we can see even on this site where we have a more educated and informed fanbase, people still prefer to buy into the fantasy that a band is a group of friends acting as equal teammates to conquer the world.

What makes this particular situation a bit different is that Axl has always been that 1% that was willing to leave millions on the table to do what he felt was ‘right.’ That is very rare in this business. So why this is happening now . . . and not earlier . . . is more complicated than just the money. Resolving the sync rights dispute that had dragged on forever was a huge part of things thawing. Even though the intention at the time wasn’t to work together, even just agreeing to not interfere with each other was a huge step. The removal of Perla was huge as well as she was the “brains” behind so many of the sabotage attempts and I think it allowed for some of the hurt feelings to dissipate with her out of the picture. Then of course . . . Axl needed a guitarist! Duff was already back either way. With the lead guitar spot open and the ‘feud’ with Slash already resolved, at that point what obstacle was there really to at least trying to make this happen?

Friends to some extent? Maybe. But either way, for this to work, they just have to be able to tolerate each other. We’ll see how long it lasts. Maybe 25 more shows. Maybe 250 shows. Too early to tell. Many bands have tried to fake it out on stage. Not uncommon. No way for us to really know. But I will say that I’ve been told Slash already pulled some shady stuff before the ink was dry and this thing almost collapsed. What saved it? More money of course. How would Axl feel about that? I’m not sure, but I think they’re too scared to tell him. Either way, the ink is dry now and if Slash was able to squeeze out a few more dollars, I’m not knocking his hustle. All the way around, for this thing to happen, everyone had to compromise.”