Slash Hit Hard By Heartbreaking Disease News


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was hit hard by former Metallica guitarist and current Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine being diagnosed with tongue cancer.

“I have 100% faith you will conquer this as you do everything else. Get better soon my friend. iiii]; )'”

Slash discussed his love of guitars in a new Rock Cellar Magazine interview.

Rock Cellar: You’ve had a lot of guitars with a lot of interesting stories to them. I read that you’re using a new Slash Gibson Les Paul prototype live. And you’ve had several signature models over the years. But where did your love of the guitar start? And how significant was it for you to see somebody, whoever it was, wearing a guitar, and how did that become something that you had to have?

Slash: It’s a good question, because the first guitar — first electric guitar — that I ever got my hands on was a Les Paul copy. I think it was made by a company called Memphis. So it was some version of a Les Paul copy, and that’s really how I started out.

Prior to that, I didn’t know anything about guitars. But I was raised around a lot of rock and roll all through my childhood. I was 14 or 15 when I started playing guitar. And even before that I was really sort of a sponge for bands that I liked. At that point, I was really paying attention to what the guitarist was playing.

And the guitar that I just was most attracted to was the Les Paul. I equated that to, obviously, its aesthetics, but also particular bands that had a great guitar sound, and good guitar solos. I attributed that to those guitars. So I saw a Les Paul, or a Les Paul copy, and then, after that, I moved through a bunch of different brands, just through trial and error.